Precious Pets and Homes offers a Professional pet house sitting service across West Sussex:

  • Security of your house
  • Peace of mind for you
  • Pets can stay in their own home environment with their normal routine
  • Kennels, catteries and livery yards are expensive and stressful
  • Happy content pets = Happy content owners

Having had horses, dogs, cats etc for many years I know how difficult it is to find good, reliable people to look after them if you have to go away for any reason.

You can ask family members to help out but usually this is just a quick pop in to check your pets have adequate food and water with very little physical contact and many hours left on their own.

How much better it would be for your pets and for you to have me stay in your house to ensure your pets are cared for in their home environment and with their usual routine, with the added bonus of your home being secure and looking lived in while you are away.

I will keep your home secure, clean and tidy, deal with any mail delivered, water your plant’s, mow your lawn, look after your pets as if they were my own and within reason do any other jobs that you may require.

In these days of ever increasing crime, an empty house is a vulnerable house!