Precious Pets and Homes offers a Professional Dog walking service across West Sussex, our dog walking services include:

  • Home visits
  • Private walks
  • Group walks
  • Physical and mental stimulation for your dog
  • Tailored for your Dogs specific and individual requirements.

Private walks

I will travel to your home and take your dog out for a walk in the area of your choice and for your chosen duration. Some dogs prefer a one to one situation and like their own space.

Group walks

Other dogs just love being in a group. If your dog is a social animal, they may prefer a group walk where they will get canine companionship, interaction and lots of fun with other dogs. A maximum of 4 dogs on each outing.

All dogs require a certain amount of physical and mental stimulation just as we do. If you are at work or just away from the house for a few hours your dog will miss the human touch and company which can lead to psychological and behavioral problems.

A lot of health issues arise through dogs not receiving enough exercise and stimulation resulting in, what can be, huge vet bills. Your dog needs to be exercised whatever the weather so whenever it is wet, I will dry off your dog and make sure your pet is comfortable and clean before I leave your home.

No dog will be let off the lead without the owners permission.

Rest assured your Precious Pet will receive the best possible care and attention in your absence.