Even as a small child I had a strong affinity with animals of all shapes and sizes. I grew up in a house full of dogs and cats and had an Aunt who kept part bred Arab horses which I was lucky enough to ride.

055I used to compete in local shows and go to Pony Club and most of my spare time was spent at the stables. Inevitably as I got older other distractions came my way but I still carried on riding.

It was not however until I got married and moved to a house with stables that I was able to have my own horse. When my daughter was born it was only natural for her to ride, so we had a succession of ponies from Shetlands to Welsh Mountain ponies.

All our ponies were  produced at home and competed at the highest level in showing. We have qualified, competed and won at Ponies UK, BSPS champs, RIHS and numerous County shows. As my daughter grew older we progressed to Riding horses and Show Hunters all very successfully. Eventually my daughter went to University in Cambridge to study Animal Behavior so she also inherited a love of animals.

My son was not quite so into the horses. He was more a dog, cat, hamster and unfortunately stick insect kind of boy!

Now my family have flown the nest so to speak and I no longer have any pets of my own, I thought I would combine my love of animals, my extensive knowledge and my meticulous attention to detail to good use and create Precious Pets and Homes.